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Magda Laguinge at Next and Manon Leloup at FM AgencyPhotography by Rachel Chandler

Richard Nicoll SS14

A band of elegant tomboys in sheer layers, monochrome print and clinical sportiness

Initial reaction:

So fresh and so clean.


Nicoll’s “band of elegant tomboys”.

Unexpected details:

Precise slits at the back of the ankle on a pair of grey cigarette trousers.


As if Nicoll hit the refresh button on all his winning signature looks, taking his brand of ‘special normal’ towards a shiny future.

How they wore it:

Layered with sheers and an almost clinical sportiness.

Double take:

The graphic black and white striped dresses that turned out to be glittery Lurex up close.


Linder lent her collage aesthetic to monochrome prints.


An all-concrete basement loading bay at Regent’s University.

Quote of the show:

“Do you have any signal?” Twitter went very quiet for 25 minutes.


Lacquered in the same bubblegum pink shade that adorned the dresses and benches.

Models: Josephine Van Delden (@josephinevandelden), Marine Deleeuw, Drake Burnette, Maria Bradley (@maria_bradley), Katlin Aas 9@AasKatlin), Marie Piovesan, Daphne Velghe, Mijo Mihaljcic, Patricyja Gardygaljo (@patrycjagardygajlo), Mackenzie Drazan (@MackenzieDrazan), Stephanie Carta (@turnitupcarta), Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Marta Dyks (@martadixiedyks), Xiao Wen (@jujujuxiaowen), Zlata Mangafic (@zlatamangafic), Maria Loks, Sam Rollinson (@samrollinson), Cristina Herrmann, Ros Georgiou (@RosGeorgiou), Lisanne De Jong (@Lisanne_DJ), Carolina Sjostrand (@carolinasjostrand), Manuela Frey, Laura Kampman (@laurakampman), Magda Laguinge, Manon Leloup (@manonleloup), Josephine Le Tutor (@JosephineLT_), Alana Zimmer @zimzimzimmer, Carla Ciffoni, Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam)