Exclusive: Marques ' Almeida Menswear SS14

The duo talk about their new design vision for boys and girls alongside a quirky GIF film

Taking place during the Fashion East installations earlier this week, design duo Marques ’ Almeida revealed their first menswear collection. To coincide with the launch Dazed exclusively present their new GIF film, Girls like Marques' Almeida, Boys like Marques' Almeida. We interviewed the duo about their vision for the Marques’ Almeida boy, his attitude and why they are still obsessed with their teenage years. 

Dazed Digital: Over the last few seasons you have defined your vision for the Marques ' Almeida girl, but what us about the Marques ' Almeida boy?
Marques' Almeida:
The Marques ' Almeida boy is a clear extension of the girl. It’s supposed to be the same attitude, the same vibe and the same effortless realism we've been trying to achieve with our womenswear collections. We're still obsessed with our teenage years and how it reflects in the way you carry clothes and that's something we have in mind when thinking about the styling for the boys too. It's about the Marques' Almeida girl and her guy friends, her boyfriend, someone that relates to same references and general mood!

DD: What role does he play in your vision for the brand?
Marques' Almeida:
It's really a very natural complement for us, we don't plan it in a different way to how we plan the womenswear. It's about taking the ethos of the brand the effortlessness, the cool raw and slightly defiant vibe and adapt that to clothes boys can wear too!

DD: What was the concept behind the GIF film?
Marques' Almeida:
We really wanted it to translate this idea of girls and boys wearing it - almost unisex - sharing the same mood and vibe so the film is called "Girls like Marques ' Almeida and boys like Marques ' Almeida" and it was shot in a couple of boys and girls that we feel represent the brand quite well! As we normally do with our concept shoots and video we shot it ourselves and we wanted it to be quite casual and fun! we just had a couple of people, some that our friends or work with us come hang out with us for a few hours, in the clothes and do whatever they felt like it was fun to do! We all had a laugh together and ended up with what we hope are quite realist fun imagery to show it!

DD: Have you designed the collection any differently with a boy in mind?
Marques' Almeida:
Not too much, we've designed some pieces specifically thinking about that Marques ' Almeida boy but some of it is unisex and it was so much fun to see boys wearing it and owning it in such a different way than the girls, it made the vision of the M'A boy all that more real!