The Sound of The Studio

We stream the studio soundtracks of six London menswear designers

Matthew Miller

“I listen to the music that I grew up with in the 1990s. It’s all the stuff I remember being on the radio and it takes me back to that time period. I remember on my estate we had a ghetto blaster and we used to listen to The Fugees whilst all wearing Adidas tracksuit bottoms. It took me back to those summers where you’re eleven and twelve and you’re out getting pissed.”

Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney

Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain

Shaun Samson

“Music plays a big part in me coming up with the feeling for the collection. I was looking at the ultimate summer party and tracks that reminded of being young.  You know, songs you only hear in the summer time at the beach that bring you to a point in your life where everything was just fun and free.”

Steal My Sunshine by Len

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Craig Green

“I’ve been progressing back to my Camden days. I never want to go out in east again, I just want to go to the Barfly, listen to Hole and the Pixies and drink tequila. I always listen to Kate Bush, that’s the midnight music when I’m tired and it’s dark and she’s carrying me through the evening, sending me into a trance.”

Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins

Sky And Sand by Paul Kalkbrenner 

Nasir Mahzar

“I don’t know what’s happened with the music this season it’s not as directional as usual, it’s been a bit all over. I even listened to Arthur Russell the other day because I needed to concentrate and when I listen to grime and dancehall it sends me a bit nuts, it really gives me too much energy. There’s been more chilled music for this season.”

Spooky - Spartan Remix Feat. Kozzie

I'm In Love With Another Man by Jasmine Sullivan

Kit Neale

“We listen to the fucking radio. Kisstory and ABCD Beyonce, which is this French radio station that plays Beyonce 24/7. At the beginning I was listening to Bowie’s Star Man, because it was that whole childhood, I want to be an astronaut type thing. It’s funny how it’s 2013 and we’re all still caught up with this fascination with space.”

Star Man by David Bowie

The Bay by Metronomy

James Long

“I was listening to a lot of cycling sounds that you experience watching The Tour De France. I guess it reminded me of when I first listened to Britpop. Blur are a good reference this season because of all the zip-up hoodies they wore and they’re who I remember first wearing sportswear out of context.”

Dancing Anymore by Is Tropical

Tour De France by Kraftwerk