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Cashmere armour against bad energy

Meeting a knitwear designer whose sweaters protect you from electromagnetic pollution

Knitwear designer Adam Jones is imprinting yarn with energy to create a kind of protective mythril against harmful electromagnetic pollution and bad vibes. However, far from looking like a pointy-tipped tinfoil helmet, his cashmere Yarnlight Collective sweaters are an unassuming cocoon of quiet and fashionable design. The intention is to balance, protect and restore the energy of the wearer by connecting to the energy imprinted in the sweater and as a result feel a sensation of calm flowing through them. This wearable conductor of stress relief and positive energy seemed like a too-good-to-be true quick fix for intense work days and occasions of public speaking, so I asked Adam to explain his project and the scientific research behind it.

DAZED DIGITAL: Hi Adam, how did you come up with the idea of Yarnlight Collective?

ADAM JONES: The idea came to me after researching into the advances in quantum science and the work that many eminent scientists around the world are doing into subtle energy and the power of intention. The research of two people particularly interested me. Dr. Tiller of Stanford University published fascinating findings demonstrating that energetic intention could be imprinted into a basic transmitter device and then used to alter the Ph value of water. Dr. Emoto in Japan took photos of water crystals through a microscope and showed how positive and negative intentions affect water. As the human body is composed essentially of water I thought that if I could find a way to imprint energy into clothing with the intention of balancing the energy of the wearer, the garment should function like Dr Tiller's transmitter device and affect the wearer.

Why sweaters?

As a fashion designer I specialise in knitwear so it was logical for me to begin with a knitting yarn. I went to see Italian yarn spinning company Linea Piu, who have been at the forefront of knitting innovation for thirty years. Together we decided to make a yarn with a carbon core because carbon is a good conductor, can store energy like a battery and provides a natural protection from electromagnetic pollution.

You actually ended up working with some scientists, including Dr. Tiller. What role did he play in the making of this sweater?

Dr Tiller was very helpful, I wrote to him right at the start and asked his opinion, he gave me some pointers and confirmed from a scientific perspective that my idea was viable. Once we had the sweaters he tested them in a machine he created to test for subtle energy. He proved that there was definitely energy stored in the sweaters. What is really interesting here is that until very recently subtle energy couldn't be scientifically detected or measured, but before 1896 scientists didn't know that radiation existed let alone measure it! This is all very new, unexplored territory.

What is imprinted energy?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, If you simply rub your hands together for a short while and then hold them about 5 cm apart you can feel an invisible force vibrating between them. This is electromagnetic energy that you have produced. Energy healers work with this energy to balance their patient’s energy. Imprinted energy is this same energy that we have stored in the carbon core of the Yarnlight sweaters.

...and what is a human energy field?

All living organisms have an energy field because they are all made of energy or life force. The energy of the universe is constantly flowing through our bodies, our energy field is the vehicle of that energy. There are many types of energy healing that is practised all over the world, but essentially a healer or energy therapist can feel, see or sense the patient’s energy field and works to release blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely through the body. It can be very powerful and strange, my first experience really shook me because it felt like having parts of me pulled out but I felt so much better and calmer afterwards. That’s when I started researching about it and trying to understand what was happening.

Do you think this concept of protective shielding from electromagnetic pollution a concern for the future of fashion?

Yes I do, the problem of electromagnetic pollution is huge and although we are all aware of it we feel powerless to act. I think fashion will play a big part in raising awareness. Many of the testimonials we have gathered from the people who wear Yarnlight sweaters say that they feel much better working at their computers when they have their sweater on. Also lots of people have told us that their experience of long haul flights is quite different when they wear their sweaters: less headaches, better sleep and less jet lag afterwards.

What other responses have you received from customers about how the sweater has affected them? 

The feedback has been amazing. People who already do some kind of meditative practices in their lives feel more strongly connected and get into a deep meditative state much quicker than without the sweater. Other people feel relaxed and can feel the stress releasing from their bodies after a few minutes. Several people who do public speaking or chair big meetings have said that wearing the sweater makes them feel more confident and centered. The overall feedback is that once a person tries a sweater they want more. 

(Check out Yarnlight Collective’s testimonial page)

This might be very hard for some skeptics to believe- do you have scientific proof that this works?

We had the sweaters tested in an industrial laboratory in Italy. We gave them two identical knitted samples: one with the imprinted energy and the other without. The sample without the imprinted energy reduced electromagnetic pollution by 35% at certain frequencies but the sample with the imprint by 63% at the same frequencies. So on a purely ¨mechanical¨ level the sweaters protect thanks to the natural properties of the carbon but with the imprinted intention to protect and balance, the effect is almost doubled. What I am trying to say is that although the idea of shielding clothing is important, I think clothes with energetic intention imprinted into them are more powerful. 

What's next for Yarnlight Collective?

The next piece will be the sleep sweater which is being tested at the moment. Energy is rejuvenated during sleep so it's the ideal time to wear the sweater. The test subjects all say that they sleep much better and feel more rested the next day. It will be coming out in September. Also a mens sweater is coming soon- that's the most frequent question we get, when will there be one for men? Also, I want one for myself!