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Gianni Versace Bondage Dress from Resurrection on
Silk red Bondage dress with gold buckle detail from AW92Photography courstesy of 1stdibs

Versace: Supermoda!

Iconic NY and LA vintage store Resurrection partners with 1stdibs for an unmissable sale

Following its sale of rare Schiaparelli, luxury site 1stdibs collaborates with one of the world's most revered vintage dealers, Resurrection on a sale of archive Versace. It's fair to say Donatella is having a moment, with Versace's 'Vunk' AW13 womenswear, last week's Versus reignition and Gianni's iconic safety pin dress in the Met's Punk exhibition, so what better time to pay tribute to her brother's legendary designs? Taking in the themes of Safety Pin, Bondage, Metallic, Leather, Marilyn Monroe, Fringe, Cowboy, and Miami, the 32-piece offering of dresses, separates and accessories begins tomorrow, running throughout the month of May. Katy Rodriguez, who founded Resurrection with her partner Mark Haddawy in 1996, gave us the V-sign... 

Dazed Digital: What does Versace mean to you?
Katy Rodriguez: Gianni Versace was quintessentially Italian, capturing the vibrant colours, light and glam spirit of La Dolce Vita. His designs are iconic, coveted and command high prices. He spearheaded Italian fashion coming to the forefront of international fashion, and the continued success of his pieces on 1stdibs attest to that. [Gianni] was that rare character that was able to be a designer’s designer and a designer that the public loved at the same time. His clothes speak to his time perfectly and the construction is impeccable. The way he used fashion and celebrity was groundbreaking and the photography work he did with Richard Avdeon and Irving Penn was legendary. He was the complete package, a total visionary. This project has been bittersweet because we are confronted with the loss of this great visionary all over again. Fashion really misses Gianni Versace. 

DD: How difficult is it in sourcing amazing pieces?
Katy Rodriguez: It’s become increasingly more difficult. When we started almost 20 years ago there was a lot less people doing what we do at Resurrection. But we have amazing sources and clients and we keep changing it up. We do everything from clothes, rare books, objects, watches and important jewellery.

DD: What's the best or most odd place you've found or been offered incredible vintage?
Katy Rodriguez: The best and oddest would be more about the people than the places. We’ve bought vintage from movie stars, rock stars, socialites, drag queens, ex-models, politicians’ wives, the lists goes on. One of the weirdest was when we bought some stage clothes that belonged to Sly Stone from a family member and there was a silver bullet in the pocket. 

DD: What's your favourite piece from the online capsule sale?
Katy Rodriguez: The black bondage dress. The construction is on a whole other level. 

DD: What's your favourite ever Versace moment?
Katy Rodriguez: Donatella. She embodies every moment. 

DD: Resurrection is one of the world's most revered vintage stores. How did you begin?
Katy Rodriguez: We started in New York in 1996 and we have been expanding ever since. We have done stores in New York, Japan and Los Angeles. We also opened an archive for research and development in New York last year. We have done fashion exhibitions in our stores, galleries and we have participated in many museum shows. We did a single seller auction at Christie’s in London a few years ago that was very successful and we produced a fantastic catalog. We joined 1stdibs three years ago and have collaborated on a number of fantastic capsules with Clair Watson, the director of fashion. Now we are expanding onto the internet and in the process of designing a new site. I started designing clothes in 2001 and my partner Mark Haddawy also does historical restorations on important architecture in Los Angeles. He deals in everything from art and Ferraris to rare furniture and watches. So at this point we really have the design world covered and our office is a meeting place for fashion, art, design and architecture. 

DD: What are your views on the new Versus and the AW13 'Vunk' Versace collection? Is Versace having another moment?
Katy Rodriguez: Yes, I do think they are having another moment. It seems people of all ages are going crazy for it. I love the 'Vunk' collection. Versace has always had a connection with rock 'n' roll so it makes sense. And they are one of the best at reinterpreting a look to their house. 

Visit 1stdibs tomorrow (22nd May) to shop the Versace: Supermoda! auction