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Smells Like Cotton Candy

Dazed photographer and filmmaker Fumi Nagasaka shows off in Stockholm

I wanted my exhibition at Scarlett Gallery, in conjunction with the first issue of Animae magazine, to gather like-minded people, taking a look at something which doesn't belong to a typical 'Swedish style'. Since I moved here I've experienced that it's quite closed for people like me. I'm glad that Lena [Modigh, gallery owner and Animae magazine collaborator] asked me to do this and we had a good crowd. The gallery is an intimate space away from the main streets located in Stockholm's south side area which added to the underground feeling.

I showed all my films, including some I made for Dazed Digital. Valter Torsleff, one of my muses, DJ'd and a couple of street casting boys I found in Stockholm for Dazed shoots came by. Hugo and Daniel from the Saint Laurent story, Felix and Hjalmar from the Dior Homme story. Daniel was in one of my films that I was showing and he even brought his whole family to the exhibition. I'm glad that I've built friendships with my models.

Valter is one of my closest friends in Stockholm. He is way younger than me but we have same opinions on a lot of things. He studies photography, he got some prize at a photo competition in Iran. He's very smart and talented and has so many life experiences for an 18 year old, even someone older than 18. I'm happy that he has a bright future and many possibilities ahead of him. And yes he was a good DJ!

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