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Paris Womenswear AW13 part two

Matthew Attard Navarro puts pen to page, sketching the latest collections for Dazed Digital, a 2013 take on 20th century fashion illustration

Before Vine, before the Twitter feed, before online even, fashion illustration reigned supreme. Above photography, hand realised and coloured images depicted couture without the tangiability of photography's life mirror, heightening drama and glamour to create the ultimate style depiction.

How does illustration fit into the fashion zeitgeist today? It has to be quick and expressive, like scratching a note. Which Grace Coddington does, known for the volumes of sketchbooks she gets through during fashion month.

Exclusively for Dazed Digital, art director and photographer Matthew Attard Navarro, who works between Malta and London (and is currently setting up Malta's first fashion education centre, Platinum Institute), puts pen to paper...