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Athena Wilson at ElitePhotography Jacques Habbah

Mugler AW13

Taking flight with Formichetti in a jet stream of cultures

"It’s a whirlwind of cultures caught in the jet stream," said Nicola Formichetti about this aerodynamic lift off in his latest collection for the house of Mugler. It was also a time travel experience, in which the history and glamour of flying through the decades were explored. Formichetti, together with designer Sébastien Peigné, created an elegant first class traveller who had air miles to burn and a mission at hand. She took flight in cocooning sculpted uniform dresses and coats of grey cashmere, injected with coral, sea foam and pale yellow as variants. From pilot to passenger, aviator caps and aerated headscarves were just the ticket to a bygone era of travel.

She then slinked and vamped about like a 1950s film noir star in oilslick patent trousers, oozing satin dresses sliding over printed neoprene. Private jet attire perhaps. As the sounds of an airplane landing wooshed in and out throughout the show, the audience too came onboard for the flight – one that is surely taking Mugler to an unknown future.

Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury

Models pictured: Melissa Tammerijn-@miss_melissa_T, Ming Xi-@mengyaoxi, Irina Kulikova-@Irina_Kulikova, Tian Yi-@tianyi, Ji Hye Park-@JiHyePark0206, Nadja Bender-@NadjaBender, Nicole Pollard-@LalaLuxe, Muriel Beal-@murielbeal, Sui He-@sui_he, Karlina Caune-@kkkarlie, Anais Pouliot-@Anais_Pouliot, Yulia Kharlapanova-@YuliaKhar