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trussardi alta_22
Soo Joo Park at Wilhelmina, @SOOJOOPhotography Luca Campri

Trussardi AW13

Umit Benan's androgynous ease, rocked by no-one better than #DazedModelArmy's Soo Joo

The antlers hanging on the wall in the Trussardi show space may have suggested power, strength, and destruction. But then you remember that antlers are the way a deer can seduce a whole forest, and that duality between strength and seduction formed the basis for this season's collection.

Silhouettes remained androgynous and box-like throughout the show, often featuring oversized outerwear and sharp pleated skirts that hung low on the waist. Models emerged with dishevelled hair and carrying oversized leather bags by their waist. Surfaces remained flat, constructed from matte leather, heavy wool, and silk – turning the focus to the clean shapes and structured construction of the garments themselves. Although the colour palette remained fairly muted with the fluid use of navys, whites and a crisp beige, the inclusion of a bold leopard print added a certain raw sex appeal that gave the collection an interesting duality.

Models pictured: Melissa Tammerijn (@miss_melissa_T), Ji Hye Park (@JiHyePark0206), Ava Smith (@Avakattos), Nadja Bender (@NadjaBender), Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Diana Moldovan (@dianalexmol), Soo Joo Park (@soojoo)