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Eva Downey at The Agency, Kel Markey at Supreme, @kelmarkey & Katlin Aas at TESS, @AasKatlinPhotography Louise Damgaard

Jonathan Saunders AW13

At The Royal Exchange, Saunders gets sexual in The City

We’ve become so desensitised to hypersexual fashion that it takes someone like Jonathan Saunders to get his freak on before you go ‘Oh, that’s a bit kinky, innit?’ The Saunders woman has never been exactly prim or strait-laced, but there was definitely a moment of surprise at the Royal Exchange on Sunday afternoon when she emerged bosom-first onto the runway, in subversive vinyl and patent leather. 

Despite the procession of ample cleavage, barely contained by cupless corsets and suggestive lace, there was a whiff of melancholy about the whole thing. Perhaps it was the autumnal colours, the faintly Hitchcockian dresses or the dark David Lynch soundtrack, but you could almost detect a weird sense of subdued gloominess in the shiny wipe-down leathers. Yet Saunders brought an ease to the exacting silhouettes, and somehow managed to make a fuzzy, demure pink skirt suit seem the most perverted of the bunch.

Hair: Paul Hanlon

Makeup: Luca Pieroni

Models pictured: Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Chiharu Okunug (@chiharuuu0515), Martha Hunt (@iamarthahunt), Catherine McNeil (@MeowcatMccat), Kel Markey (@kelmarkey), Hanne Gaby Odiele (@hannegabysays), Karlina Caune (@kkkarlie), Sam Rollinson (@SamRollinson), Steffi Soede (@stefffix), Irina Kravchenko (@kondrovobumpron), Meghan Collison (@meghancollison)