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Eliza Cummings at Woman, @elizacummings91Photography Bridget Collins

Marc Jacobs AW13

The sun'll come out tomorrow. If Jacobs' last collection was black and white, this was about the shades – life – in between

You're not supposed to stare at the sun, but no one could look away at the Marc Jacobs AW13 show, at the centre of which was a beaming version of that star around which we all orbit. On the one hand, making the sun come to you may be slightly egomaniacal. But on the other, the show's radiant orb could be interpreted as a gesture to remind us that the sun'll come out tomorrow, clear away the cobwebs and the sorrows of the fashion noise: worrying about social media, peacocking for the style bloggers, and getting distracted from the sunshine of our lives: great clothes. Here comes the sun, and Marc says: It's all right.

The first half of the show ran the collection in a sepia light that made it feel like we were all suddenly suspended in amber. The golden glow inspired several editors to comment that we were watching the show through an instagram filter. I immediately thought of scrolling through tones for sharing photos too, and then felt ashamed that this thought came to me second: that colouring is what light looks like at dawn. So pretty. Speaking of, once the sepia dimmed, the collection's true palette came through, exploring a range of colors as if each look represented a lightwave. (Primary school science refresher: white light contains all the wavelengths of visible light – so essentially, every color we can see). White light is the stuff of heaven, and so, according to Marc, are sparkling hot pants.

The call time for backstage was a couple of hours before, so we got an extended chance to see the girls up close and personal, donning their choppy cropped hair and getting smoky eyes.

Hair:Guido Palau

Makeup: Francois Nars

Models pictured: Daria Strokous (@DariaStrokous), Vanessa Axente (@VanessaAxente), Clarice Vitkauskas (@clarice_vit), Marike Le Roux (@Marike26), Sasha Luss (@ktototamto), Eliza Cummings (@elizacummings91), Hanne Gaby Odiele (@hannegabysays)