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COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRAHenry Moore, Head, 1933. Elmwood and string

Harping on

Begüm deconstructs the New York collections with a look at strings, lettuce and high modernism

Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a visual artist and writer based in Paris, cross-referencing fashion with ideas from fine art and contemporary culture to create new dialogues. Again & Again collects original works by the French artist on the fashion weeks and beyond. 

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Article 9, a host state may at any time and without having to explain its decision declare any member of a diplomatic staff persona non grata. It's a mystery why Arte Povera - the political art movement from Italy which was my guest of honour during Paris Mens' shows - was sent to the United States, yet, progressively putrescent by nature, the lettuce structure that's cropped up at Creatures of Comfort will soon lose its diplomatic immunity and be declared non grata like any inedible lettuce in microwaved hamburgers. Consequently, in the States, organics will be replaced with mechanics:

Costello Tagliapietra and Douglas Hannant set Henry Moore in motion. "Undoubtedly the source of my stringed figures was the Science Museum. Whilst a student at the Royal College of Art, I became involved in machine art, which in those days had its place in modern art. Although I was interested in the work of Léger, and the Futurists, who exploited mechanical forms, I was never directly influenced by machinery as such. Its interest for me lies in its capacity for movement, which after all, is its function."  tells Henry Moore in the book Henry Spencer Moore,  New York 1968, p.105 .

At Lacoste, movement continues skywards with Panamarenko's Aeromodeller. A close-up of its nacelle can be seen at Edunwhile Timo Weiland showcases its would-be IBM flight log. " My projects are not exactly ideas, nor dreams.It isn't a question of making a plane but of exactly producing something that is an ideal. It's enjoyable, even if I never actually fly it. For me, its success lies in the realization of the dream, and it's strangely tied to failure", tells PanamarenkoIndeed, Aeromodeller never managed to make it to the skies, but  Roman Ondak has successfully landed at Donna Karan with his 'After Return from the Orbit'. And as for that Arte Povera lettuce...Along with a Band of  Outsidersit's currently being driven back to JFK International airport on Nam June Paik's Electronic Super Highway.

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