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Diesel Feb 13 2013 MReayIMG_9838
Julia Nobis at DNA, @JuliaNobis1 & Maria Bradley at DNAPhotography Mark Reay

Diesel Black Gold AW13

Speed freaks in white leather live life in the fast lane on the NYFW catwalks

Flickering neon lights behind white chain link set the stage for the Diesel Black and Gold AW13 show, transporting the audience to a remote and surreally sleek gas station where one can wear white leather without fear of grease stains. Picture a quiet roadside service station in the middle of America, with nothing but wide fields cast in darkness for miles around. A hunky mechanic is probably sitting on a metal stool whistling; no one's been in for days. Suddenly, out of the blackness comes a parade of lady speed addicts on motorcycles and in fierce cars. The motors make no sound. As if by magic, the girls' keys fit into tiny pockets on studded leather pants. Their clothes are like second skins, perfectly tailored and exuding strength. It's a Diesel-fueled fantasy. We all need our fuels.

Hair: Pat McGrath

Models pictured: Julia Nobis (@JuliaNobis1), Juliana Schurig (@juliana_schurig), Sam Rollinson (@samrollinson), Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam) & Kel Markey (@kelmarkey), Sasha Luss (@ktototamto), Josephine Skriver (@JosephinSkriver)