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Right Said Fred

Fred Perry celebrates six decades by inviting 60 creatives to customise the original 1952 polo, exhibiting at Dover Street Markets London, Tokyo and Beijing

Throughout the sixty years of the brand, the Fred Perry shirt has always been the iconic piece; the standard bearer for the Laurel Wreath logo. Over six decades some of the most influential figures in fashion, music and sport have worn the shirt, many becoming ambassadors for the brand.

Compiling a list of 60 loyal and distinguished fans, including Inez & Vinoodh, Raf Simons, Jamie Reid, Duffy, Covenant, Douglas J McCarthy, SISTER by SIBLING, Pierre Debusschere and Dzed & Confused, each creative was invited to customise their own blank white polo, a reproduction of Fred Perry's 1952 original.

As well as being installed at Dover Street Market, first London, then Ginza, then I.T. Beijing Market, the entire wardrobe of shirts are displayed online. They'll be auctioned for charity, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, later this year.

We caught up with SIBLING to hear the story behind turning the menswear staple into a SISTER puffball raffia minidress…

"The SISTER x Fred Perry was customised just after our SS13 catwalk presentation so we decided to mix that in. The SISTER Giant Pom Pom coat became the skirt of the polo shirt, this is paper raffia strips trapped within knit. Then in true SIBLING manner we thought why stop there and added it to the cuffs. Beading is a strong part of our signature so that was a no-brainer: bugle beads in Racing Green make sparkly tipping and a huge football style number 60. With all the girly pom poms going on the look felt a little sporty, like a cheerleader so: buggle beaded tippings and a number 60 felt right. Randomly a friend then emailed us an image of Cobain wearing a Bobcat cheerleader outfit and then, pow, we knew we'd got it right!"