Random Acts: Age of Aquarius

Clothing ecstasy for the post-gravity age – Pierre Debusschere's Channel 4 film lands

Full shoot taken from the February Issue of Dazed & Confused:

Launched in late 2011, the Random Acts project, in partnership with Channel 4, took Dazed & Confused-commissioned filmmaking talents to your TV screens. The series of three-minute shorts saw 20 radical artists and filmmakers from Dazed's creative network shock, baffle and delight new audiences. With previous films featuring (culturally aware) household names like Jake & Dinos Chapman and Rankin, alongside the most exciting new talents like Aaron Chan and Daniels, Dazed also produced several fashion films.

Arriving as the final installment in a three-part film series for Random Acts, Age of Aquarius is the breath-taking new film shot by celebrated fashion filmmaker Pierre Debusschere, made as an ongoing collaboration with Dazed senior fashion editor Robbie Spencer from the shoot of the same name in the current issue. After the first two sensorially-rich films The Lake, and Holy Flowers: Fade Into You, the final part portrays experimental fashion in expressive movement.

"I loved all [the films], they are so different but I would say The Lake was my personal favourite as the set was so magical, the mood, location and team was perfect! We had really good weather too which is not usual for Belgium… My favourite moment from Age of Aquarius must have been when we were recording the strobe part - it was a great experience to be in complete darkness with really loud music - directing Yumi and Guerrino, it could have lasted forever, I think we all secretly wanted to stand up and dance with them. We are now starting to talk about the next steps with Robbie, a new start, a new direction for our following stories. I'm also working on a exhibition project which I'm really excited about." - Pierre Debusschere


Film by Pierre Debusschere
Styling Robbie Spencer
Starring Yumi Lambert at IMG NYC
Guest appearance Guerrino Santulliana at HMM Models
Hair Karin Bigler at D+V Management
Make-up Adrien Pinault at Management + Artist
Director Assistant Ismael Moumin at 254Forest
Director of Photography Amandine Klee
First Assistant Camera Graham Johnston
Oringal Music Frederic Ameel at 254Forest
Production 254Forest
Line Producer Claire Silva Moreira at 254Forest
Post Production Pascal Oberlin
Gaffers Pol Seif, Edwin Van Hove
Art+Commerce Film Ziggy Levin
Second Assistant Elizabeth Fraser-Bell
Casting Noah Shelley for AM Casting
Location 254Forest Studio Brussels