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Alexander Beck: #dazedmodelarmy snowing in Paris!!!!

DazedModelArmy – The Milan pics

Following our team of male models on Twittergram blasting through their Italian jobs

Since the London Collections: Men we've seen our model posse go from strength to strength, getting snapped up by the majority of Milan’s big hitters including Prada, Missoni, Burberry, Fendi and Kenzo. Bidding farewell to Ben Smallwood, we welcome in three new additions, Alexander Beck, Matt King, and Demy Matzen. As Paris kicks off, check out our favourite Instagram snaps from the last week and remember you can track them yourself using #dazedmodelarmy and over at @Dazed_Fashion! 


Signed to FM and featuring in's Top 50 male models list, Brit boy Alexander Beck has been tearing stuff up on the runway since his AW11 debut, this season walking for Bottega Veneta, Burberry and Neil Barrett to name a mere few. Following Fendi, he's now already braving the snow and racking up shows in Paris. 


Another FM recruit, Dutch Demy Matzen has been breaking the written laws of the changing area with fellow model Pascal, referencing South Park and Ted (you know, the film about the talking bear who likes hookers and bongs) on Twitter and strolling down the runway for Missoni, Canali and Kenzo.


Aside from modeling for Moncler, Kenzo and Joseph Abboud, Next's Matt King has been swigging Guinness in Irish bars in Florence, getting pissed off at Italians who let “their dogs shit everywhere” and munching on food provided in minimalist Moncler lunch boxes.


In between fittings, Ben has been instagramming the sights of Milan, from the Duomo to the city's graffiti covered walls. He walked for Kenzo and Iceberg this season and partied a good few hours away at Neil Barrett. 


Miles went hard this season, hanging out on the fashion week social circuit, opening for Vivienne Westwood, walking for Diesel and Philipp Plein, and getting casually tattooed in his hotel room. And pre-show. As you do. Lad.  


Reece has been mocking model-accompanying-mums and trying to convince us he doesn't usually go out with a comb over and face full of make-up. He's also managed to rack up slots with Iceberg, Missoni, and Diesel. 


Early bird Jacob has been hitting the metro and doing all that touristy stuff with Ben J. He also got to attend the Calvin Klein + Neil Barrett after parties.


Pascal has been attempting to drink his own weight in RedBull. He's also still getting his friends to pull stupid faces and has been keeping occupied at castings by learning French. Shame he's our Instagram-only boy, huh? Kenzo, Joseph Abboud, Neil Barrett, Iceberg, Diesel Black Gold, Fendi are the shows he walked in. 


Twitter-only Jester has walked for Burberry and Kenzo this season despite only having 9 hours sleep in three days. We don't envy the latter.