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Vivienne Westwood Fragrance Accolade

The Vivienne Westwood contribution to the perfume industry was acknowledged by the US Fragrance Foundation earlier this month.

Back in 1992, with a twirl of Vivienne Westwood's skirt, we learned that knickers were one garment that this groundbreaking designer did not fancy. The fashion world cheered, the tabloids stirred and, eight years later, Westwood spawned her first perfume Boudoir; named after a place to undress—the scent alludes to this intimate and personal experience. This past month, the perfume world has saluted her by awarding her membership to the UK Circle of Champions, established by the US Fragrance Foundation to commemorate noteworthy folks in the fragrance industry. Westwood, who will be the second in a row from the UK to receive the honour, has since expanded her scent empire to include Anglomania in 2004, and both Boudoir Sin Garden and Let it Rock in 2007. This celebration took place at Claridges on November 19th and might not have included the Queen, but you can always close your eyes, and imagine if Westwood herself decided to stay, well, slightly underdressed.