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Rodarte Womenswear SS13

A Game of Thrones

The Rodarte collection started out a little confusing, until Susie Bubble leaned over and whispered, "have you seen Game of Thrones?" Then everything clicked and became suddenly, overwhelmingly delightful. Flowing dragon princess gowns dripped with romantic proto-goth melting rose necklaces and chain mail medallions; chastity corsets and oversized leather jackets with extra long fringe a stone's throw to the fairy side of motorcycle badass. The world of fantasy role play is so often overlooked as a source of strength and beauty, usually because of its connotation with a socially segregate community. Fantasy nerds though, like fashion's idealised rebels, reject conventional restraints to live in a world exactly of their choosing, by their own rules, literally full of magic power. While Live Action Role Play involves costume, and fundamentally costume is very different from fashion, there is a transformative element of self-empowerment involved that is very interesting. You can be sure you'll never see a girl at Comic-con as uncomfortable or unsure of herself as some trend-chasing attendees of New York Fashion Week.

Dazed Digital: Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?
Laura Mulleavy: 
The collection kind of started as a way to play with the idea of medieval and fantasy role playing games.

DD: What about all the rose necklaces and ear cuffs?
Kate Mulleavy: 
There were so many layers to this and to pull it all together one of things we thought we were going to need more of was metal jewellery. It was based on bridging this idea of something that is rooted more in baroque and making it modern. It kind of just manifested itself and in all honesty came later towards the end of the collection.

DD: Where do you see your work in today's world?
Kate Mulleavy:
 I think everything we do is very idealistic and always meets up with the right people. I don't think what Laura and I are doing is mass produced. So it's about finding the right homes in different people. Maybe people will reinterpret that idea and do something on their own with it, which is always cool too.