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Katie Hillier

The accessories maverick talks kawaii photo customisation

When brands want a hit accessory, they turn to Katie Hillier. The designer, who has worked with most of the fashion alphabet (and currently creates for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham), is regarded for her pop-hued work that will be forever synonymous with the 00s, adept at everything from a beaded keychain or belt to jewellery and phone-number expensive handbags. Today, as well as her other consultancies, she has her own brand, Hillier, that instantly iconised 'paperclip' animal necklaces in precious metal, set with precious stones. Her ability to fuse high and low, as well as pre-empt what clients want (before even they do) is key to her success. Dazed Digital caught up with Hillier to learn her obsession of the moment...

"LINE Camera is mindless, cool, very fun and very creative, it’s an app for your iPhone/iPad that lets you customise your photos like you are in a Japanese photo booth. It’s amazing – and also very good for jazzing up Instagram. I've been using it about two months, Katie Grand discovered it and passed it on to me! It has had an influence over the S/S13 collection for Hillier, I can’t tell you that much about it yet because it’s not ready until September. But watch this space and prepare to be LINE apped!"

 British Fashion Council