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Model Behaviour: Matthew Logos

Photographer Kevin Amato, known for casting new faces, introduces us to Matt Logos from Brooklyn

PhotographyKevin AmatoTextKevin Amato

I sat down with Matthew after we shot at his house in Brooklyn. His parents were home, I got to meet his girl. He has a tight sense of family and tremendous personality – which is relevant to my work and life. Italians and Greeks are crazy similar. Confident, bold but teddys on the inside. But stay on their good side! I haven't met a model like Matthew in a bit – his look and personality is killin' it! I started interviewing him for Dazed and he confidently took over, and wanted to jot his story for himself. "It'll just make everyone's life easier," he said, with a 'c'mon, no worries, I got this' attitude. You'll be seeing a lot more of Matthew...

"It's Matt Logos here from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, 18 years old and the funnest and coolest person to be around. Born and raised in Brooklyn, since I was young always had a dream to make it to the top no matter what it was, just become famous and have others look up to me. The thing in life that makes me the happiest is putting a smile on others' faces, always down to help someone out no matter what – always put others first.

So a little backround about myself... I'm Greek and proud! Got a gorgeous girlfriend and tons of boys who always got my back, always there for me no matter what. I had a pretty rough year – got keyed in the nose by a random guy, got a broken nose and 7 stitches. Been through hell but I bounced back and now I'm on top! I am currently a model at the agency Request and never wanna stop doing what I'm doing. I love looking good and love making money $$$$$$!

I have learned so much and live by the quote: 'Never a failure, always a lesson'. I'm keeping my head up, giving it my all and making it to the top. It's Matt Logos from Brooklyn, holla at your boy ;)"