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EXCLUSIVE: Pringle of Scotland Menswear S/S13

AM Casting's Angus Munro talks a tattooed line-up, whilst we stream the show soundtrack by Pandora's Jukebox

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

Alistair Carr presented his final collection for Pringle of Scotland, in the vein of the graphic, forward-thinking language he's become synonymous with. Soundtracked once more by regular collaborator Pandora's Jukebox, Dazed Digital streams Yasmina Dexter's S/S13 mix whilst casting director Angus Munro of AM Casting talks street urchins...

"With some designers you just click and Alistair and I could not have a closer vision about casting. I texted him from Paris pre-cast and said I wanted to do something along the lines of street urchins... great looking but with a tough quality and an element of unpredictability and lawlessness. A cast like that is a nice juxtaposition with a Pringle collection that is inherently about luxury sportswear.

We are not interested in what a boy has been doing outside of our casting. In fact we find that a little off-putting. So there were a few brand new boys who I thought looked great. In light of the idea I had for this cast there were inevitably a lot of tattoos going on, and I thought that our opening boy, Duncan is amazing. Really strong and very much the feel of this collection. Then, of course, there was my good friend Yuri Pleskin who came in especially and exclusively to walk for us.

Pringle of Scotland is an iconic British brand and I love that they still produce everything here in the UK and continue to have their base in Scotland. I do not have enough superlatives to say about Alistair – he is undoubtedly the most talented young designer out there with a razor sharp point of view and an even, open minded temperament. A rare mix!"

Casting photography Angus Munro