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The Return of Spastor

The Spanish design duo vye for glory at the Mango Fashion Awards

Spastor, the Spanish label by Sergio Pastor and Ismael Alcaina, returns with a collection aiming for glory at the Mango Fashion Awards. One of ten finalists (from an original pool of 250 submissions), they'll compete for a 300,000 prize to support emerging talent.

It’s all about our world; a tribute from our boys to our girl; a contemporary and introspective back to our roots

The duo made their womenswear debut in Barcelona 1997 before moving to Paris in 1998 and offering menswear from 2004 – their vocabulary translating successfully between men's and women's because the clothes, regardless of gender, balance the charged tensions of both. Taking a break after Spring/Summer 08, the duo, who also played their part in the art of rock dress, are keen to emerge from the shadows again. Dazed Digital caught up with Pastor and Alcaina to hear their thoughts.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us about your proposal for Mango Fashion Awards?
It’s all about our world; a tribute from our boys to our girl; a contemporary and introspective 'back to our roots'; a projection of what the future can be; the start of our collaboration with Swarovski, La Doma and Renard-Grière; a tremendous opportunity; a source of encouragement, satisfaction and enriching challenge. And – without a doubt – something we’d like to be part of.

DD: What inspired your return to fashion?
Tickles in our brain. We are quite excited by the possibility of working and collaborating with people we admire around the world – fashion designers and brands, but not only fashion: art, architecture, industrial design, video, music, photographers, choreographers, perfumers... Learning and building something together or just simply generating energy and fun. We aren’t people who like to anger the world, we prefer trying to change it…

DD: What have you been up to during Spastor's time away?
We have still been working in fashion: in the shade as art directors, creative consultants, developing projects and teaching. Also doing 'made to measure' for some of our special clients, as well as designing wardrobe for contemporary dance choreographers like Rafael Bonachela amongst others. And other works that maybe cannot be published!

DD: You've worked on projects with The Kills, Marilyn Manson, Christian "Flake" Lorenz and James Ransone. Has music and subculture built your vision?
We grew up with music, we learn with music, we feel with music, our life always comes with a soundtrack. So maybe this is why it’s not possible that it doesn’t reflect in our work.

DD: What's coming up next?
We think it’s going to depend on how everything's going, but for sure we're offering all from ourselves. #cantsaymoreyet