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Untitled Menswear Project prey on men's collecting obessions to curate a selection of vinyl, trainers, sunglasses and new designers.

It’s testament to the fact that menswear is getting an increasing amount of attention when ASOS, a place where one used to find “How to dress like Britney” lookalike outfits is upping its game and giving men something special.  “Untitled” is a menswear project that nurtures collecting obsessive tendancies. Limited editions is the key phrase that ASOS reckon will captivate men. They have invited several “experts” in vinyl, trainers, sunglasses and new designers to come and curate items that will be available on sale on from Thursday 16th October.

Fraser Laing of owner vintage eyewear emporium Arckiv selected an array of vintage Carreras and Porsche for “Carrera has pushed the boundaries in eyewear by using strong colours and shapes which were always elegant and quintessentially cool,” explains Laing. In particular, the Carrera 5317 frames which Herbie Hancock wore in 1986 will be sold as well as the 5544 glacier glasses that come in psychedelic colours.

More of a lifestyle slant is lent to the project through the support of Jim Henderson, owner of the indie record store Amoeba. Specifically collectable vinyls are what’s on offer here, which Rick Frystak, Amoeba’s vinyl buyer selected for ASOS. The most expensive being Rolling Stone’s Let it Bleed vinyl.

Hywel Davies, author of 100 New Designers and Modern Menswear asked a number of menswear designers to contribute to the project. Swedish Patrik Soderstam has designed five limited edition graphic tees which are bold and humorous. Carola Euler from Berlin did a grey pleat front sweatshirt that sums up her design aesthetic. Jean Pierre Braganza adds interest to a pair of low crotch slim fit wool trousers with leather panel detaling. Deryck Walker continues his interpretations of the classic white shirt. A wool scarf by Frank Leder completes this capsule wardrobe.

The hot ticket of the Untitled project undoubtedly goes to the Adidas 35th Superstar, selected by trainer rarity store Crooked Tongues. Charlie Morgan of Crooked Tongues explains “It’s an iconic design that’s timeless and needs little introduction.” These shelltoes are encased in a pristine white box and as they were never sold commercially, the one singular pair on will for a staggering £4000.