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Behind the Scenes: Ann Sofie Back

For AW09, Back will be taking a fake inspirational trip to America where obesity, superheroes and The Promise Ring reign supreme.

Today I met up with Ann Sofie Back at her East End studio to take a look at the world behind the label and catch up with her after her latest S/S 09 show.

Dazed Digital: Tell me about you S / S 09 collection
Ann Sofie Back: My  /S 09 collection is a continuation of my interests from A/W 08, based on celebrity obsession. My inspiration comes from things I feel uncomfortable with, such as Botox, plastic surgery and this obsession with celebrities.

DD: How have you translated these influences into you designs?
ASB: I used a lot of chiffon fabric, which I feel is quite like the skin and draped it and gathered it in ways that suggest facelifts, often using metal studs, clips and piercings to hold the fabric together. I also used stripes that suggest wrapping up wounds and prints of paparazzi and linear pen work drawn on the skin by surgeons.

DD: How do you feel about your collection?
ASB: I am very happy with it; I feel it is a lot lighter than my other collections, very feminine and beautiful, moving away from my more masculine work.

DD: How would you describe your colour palette?
ASB: For me colour is never so important and this collection has a lot more colour than usual, which is exciting. I have used Pistachio green and ice cream yellow which I feel works really well for S/S.

DD: Which has been your favourite collection so far?
ASB: I always prefer A/W. I feel it is more substantial and my favourite season is A/W 08. I feel I really reached a balance of conventional beauty whilst still being interesting.

DD: What can we see from Ann Sofie Back next season for A/W 09?
ASB: Next season I want to explore the cliché of when designers visit a country and then produce a collection all about that place. I am going to base A/W 09 on my fake inspirational trip to America. I would love to live anywhere in America, other than New York. In particular I am interested in Pamela Anderson, Superman, superheroes, Miss Piggy, obesity and all those weird American groups like The Promise Ring.