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Cerruti Menswear A/W12

Zoran Bosanac updates the brand's old archives with modern fabrics, polite brights and a nod to 90s adolescence to sum up today's comfortable man

Zoran Bosanac imagined a collection for a comfortable man, in loose suits, soft cashmere scarves, cotton and wool turtlenecks. No frills, no nonsense, only ageless menswear pieces. The designer seemed to nudge at the adolescents of the 90s, with beanie hats, trousers with extra leg length to crease over the shoes, and school-like pea coats and duffle coats that mothers always approve off. A few bright touches took the audience by surprise, including a pair of lemon trousers and an entirely cerulean look with a matching suit, shirt and hat. Yes, the Cerruti man is louder at times – but politely so.

Dazed Digital: What is the inspiration of the collection?
Zoran Bosanac: We dug up very old archives of Cerruti that had never been seen before, and tried to make these modern.

DD: How do you make those contemporary?
Zoran Bosanac: Through the choice of fabrics: every fabric is from today, has a modern touch. Say we use shearling, or crêpe, there’ll be a touch of synthetic too. Each piece has its synthetic moment. 

DD: There has been quite a few changes of designers at Cerruti – how do you feel as the new creative director?
Zoran Bosanac: In the noughties it was a difficult period for the house, we changed designers, investors. Today, everything is much more organised, and lots of work still needs to be done. Now it’s up to the fashion world to help us.