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NYC on NikeFuel

The rising East Coast photographer Peter Voelker captures a New York minute and a day

As a universal new worldwide metric to measure and track all aspects of your active, everyday life, NikeFuel is arguably the biggest innovation in digital sports leading up to the 2012 Olympics. Unveiled last week in NYC, NikeFuel is about connecting emotional, motivational, creative and cultural references to tech visions that mean it really can be a part of your everyday life.

For a proper New York story, Dazed spent the day tapped into NikeFuel with the wrist Fuelband that syncs to your iPhone to monitor your movements, and ran the city checking in with a trio of iconic NYC bucket drummers and an insanely talented group of double dutch girls swinging ropes in Brooklyn.

If there’s one sport that New York reps to the fullest, it’s basketball. No other city has as many ballers per capita as the Big Apple and the Dyckman Basketball League’s Team Nike are undisputed champions. An infamous and intense summer league that starts when the NBA season is slowing down, the outdoor street ball tournament is stuff of legend. Powered by NikeFuel, Dazed stepped up to the hoop at Nike’s secret, members-only basketball training compound in the Lower East Side, the Masaryk gym. It’s an amazing space hidden behind a nondescript door and old school centre block opposite the LES projects. Nike have re-furbished the space and created a concierge-style winter training ground for the city’s most notorious ballers. Plans are that the gym will be passed back to the community in the coming months and for now, it’s Daryl “D-Train” Smith who heads up training. Dazed got our sweat on.

In his own intimate and candid style, New York photographer Peter Voelker captures the soul and energy of this city in movement. After a two year stint assisting Ryan McGinley in his Chinatown studio and on wanderlust travels, Peter’s emerging on his own as a definite one-to-watch and brilliant young talent. Voelker reps the city as part of the new wave creative community and shoots this exclusive NikeFuel NYC story.

Nike+ FuelBand is available in the US now, and in the UK on 1st May 2012