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Miharayasuhiro x Paolo Roversi Exclusive Film Trailer

The Japanese designer collaborates with the acclaimed photographer and WOW on a new film for his S/S12 collection entitled 'Ophelia Has A Dream'

For his Spring Summer '12 collection, Japanese designer Miharayasuhiro has chosen to express his collection through the character of Ophelia. The girl represents the pure and innocent elements of the new collection - unable to recognise her own disaster, consumed by nature. Working with photographer Paolo Roversi and WOW, the animation company who created all the effects, Yasuhiro presents a new film following a virtuous yet alluring woman. Entitled, 'Ophelia Has A Dream', the film shows the new S/S12 collection of bonded 3-D jersey, woven leathers, and photo jacquard, in kimonos with heavy floral embroidery help to form a collection which is rich in detail.

After the natural disasters that befell Yasuhiro’s native country this year, for his Spring collection, Yasuhiro asks us to dream; integrating our reality with the optimism of a new season. Serving as a requiem for those lost in the disaster, and as a symbolism of renewal embodied in the season to come. Here, Dazed presents the trailer for the upcoming film which will be shown at the presentation at Paris Fashion Week.

Dazed Digital: Why did you choose to work with Paolo for the campaign on this collection? What is it about his work that suited it best?
Miharayasuriho: It is because I feel "something" that transcends the actual world from his photographs.
DD: What is the story behind the name of the 'Ophelia' installation? How did you come up with the idea of Ophelia and who was she inspired by?

Miharayasuriho: I was inspired to use Ophelia because I believe she could narrate the story of how unpredictable life is, how powerful nature can be, and the loss of an innocent sole. Ophelia had an innocent spirit, and couldn't comprehend the tragedy that was about to happen to her, perhaps she didn't know it was a tragedy, perhaps she was dreaming, and existing between a fantasy and reality, imaging how beautiful life is. Ophelia continues to communicate the female image in my collection, balancing between our perceptions.
DD: How did you aim to incorporate influences from your hometown in the new collection? Is this an ongoing theme in all your works?
Miharayasuriho: I may be nostalgic. Throughout all the changes in the world over time, my image of women has always told this balance between strength and fragility. This influence has appeared in my work continuously even if I do wish or not.
DD: What emotions/thoughts do you hope the audience to take away from the piece?
Miharayasuriho: Eternal existence and transience of real life.

The installation will be live at Carrousel de Lourve from Friday 30th September - Monday 3rd October.