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JJ in his new studio on Brick Lane customising a h
JJ in his new studio on Brick Lane customising a hat made by Piers Atkinson and also wearing one of Atkinsons' new SS09 hats.

Behind the Scenes: NOKI

A reintroduction to the new House of Noki in their new studios also known as the Noki House of Sustainability waiting room.

Just as London Fashion Week was beginning last week, NOKI came home with a new studio and new NHS waiting room at the top of Brick Lane. I take a trip to meet JJ and his team,of NHS staff, that together, make the well known and much loved fashion label NOKI. NOKI has shown the last 2 seasons under the home of Fashion East, alongside other designers such as Louise Gray, David David and Henry Holland. As JJ’s close friend and stylist to his shows, I got a sneaky preview into the dark world and the crazy going ons at the new House of Noki London.

DR Hook, aka Rocky, met JJ when the pair started working at the Guarana Bar in Brighton. The Guarana Bar has played a vital role in the formation of NOKI, as all members met here. Once introduced Rocky shared his love of crochet and went to JJ’s studio to show him his work. "I just went to meet JJ and get his opinion on my crochet." JJ asked Rocky if he could crochet a DNA t-shirt with yarn to which Rocky replied “I can crochet anything you put in my hand”. True to his word Rocky’s crochet played a vital role in the A/W 08 collection as we saw chunky crochet’s helmets, collars, jackets and bags. He is currently working on A/W 09.

DR Haggis, aka Carley met JJ when working in the Brighton store To Be Worn Again, located above JJ’s studio. She popped downstairs to meet him and quickly became an essential part of the NHS team. Carley works closely with JJ on everything related to NOKI; from concept, materials, colour choices, design to being his muse, Carley is there. She also works on making her own accessories, so watch this space!

DR Print, aka Taz also met JJ whilst working in the Guarana bar in Brighton. Wearing one of his printed tee’s they quickly shared ideas and Taz soon started printed tees for NOKI on his bedroom floor. Printing with only water based inks, keeping with NOKI’s substainability, Taz now has his own studio in Brighton where he works closely with JJ reinventing new ideas for prints all the time.

DR Noki, aka JJ needs no introduction. He is the man behind the name, the leader of his pack. Sitting this Season out as he enjoys the launch of his new studio, with a brand new vintage store at the top of Brick Lane, NOKI could not go through LFW without a little something. On Monday he took over the George and the Dragon with a "White Cubicle Party" that saw all manners of fashionistas dressed true NOKI style as the dress code read, "No Mask. No Entry!