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Kinder Aggugini Womenswear S/S12

Moody florals, slouching sportswear in deep blue and onyx leather pieces dominated the designer's LFW show

The notion of Girl Power in all its ginger spice pungency is now so synonymous with that neon period we call the Nineties that it crosses all borders of gender, age and indeed, levels of taste. Quite how Kinder Aggugini wished to play this most defined of decades was left to the medium of the catwalk to establish in his latest Spring/Summer collection which managed to expertly weave into its genetics at least three of this season's looming trends.

A liberal helping of slouching sportswear in deep, inky swathes of French blue, neon orange and pepto pink began a collection that seemed to represent three tribes of 90s Womanhood, the second a harder, tougher archetype bridging the colour gaps in onyx leather. The third however sashayed forth, upholstered in moody florals, the briefest nod to nineties nonchalance in satin finished sports shoes. From knees to nape, Kinder's girls are a tripartite tribe of rebellious females, a soft spot for good times gone by, and the certain promise of more to come, a potent stimulus shared by all.