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Kolding School of Design: Louise Sigvardt

With careful attention to detail, the Scandinavian graduate takes on traditional shapes with neon twists in her modern collection

Louise Sigvardt is another graduate from Kolding Design School in Jutland who manages to impress with a collection that is minimalistic, well presented and international. Her aesthetics are in the same category as Celine, with many hidden details and workmanship. A great detail is presented inside her jackets which have red patches of fabric perfectly hidden only for the pleasure of the wearer. The touches of neon coloured stripes adds a modern twist to the more traditional and classic shapes of the garments.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from for this collection?
Louise Sigvardt:
The project is based on the transition between "old luxury" to "new luxury", where the definition of what luxury and trends is, is dissolved, and where luxury is not only one thing. The collection is inspired by the meeting between the two luxury definitions, where the "old luxury part" is inspired by 1900's traditional lines and use of materials and the "new luxury part" is inspired by the 1980 lack of the same. The luxury term has changed a lot the last 30 years, especially when it comes to materials. Today a pair of jeans or a piece of neoprene clothing, can be a luxury product, where as 20 years people wouldn't consider them as luxury. And that is the tension that happens when traditional luxury materials like wool are combined with neoprene, or a suit with added 'sports' stripes.

DD: What education and work background do you have?
Louise Sigvardt:
I have just graduated as a master of fashion design from Kolding School of Design, Denmark. Before that, I have worked for a Danish leather designer in New York and at the same time had a course at Parsons School of Design. During my education I have been working for a studio called Femmes Regionales, where I have coordinated several of their shows during the copenhagen fashion week. Also during my education, I have been working for a major Danish clothes company as a designer and design assistant, which has giving me a solid insight in the fashion business.
DD: Do you design a collection based on a muse or what is your target customer?
Louise Sigvardt:
I am often inspired by differences, and the latest collections has been about eras and social classes. And often I work with the differences between two poles. So usually the inspiration is not the same from collection to collection, but I like to challenge myself, fashion and materials, and to obtain new knowledge through my projects.
DD: What are your future plans?
Louise Sigvardt:
I have just started working at Femmes Regionales, and I am looking very much forward to spending a lot of time with those two lovely ladies. And then I will just have to see what the future brings.

Photographs by Sacha Maric