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Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S12: Stine Goya

The Central Saint Martins graduate hits Copenhagen Fashion Week with a beautiful collection of colourful prints embedded with Swarovski crystals

Stine Goya was founded in 2006 after a few years living in London studying Print Design at Central Saint Martins and being the muse of Karl Lagerfeld who told her to change her last name to Goya inspired by the artist Francisco Goya. Today her brand is represented in 90 stores across the world and has been featured in magazines from Vogue to Wallpaper while presenting her collection every season during Copenhagen Fashion Week. This time around she presented a stunning collection of frills, warm prints and Swarovski stones enhanced by giant golden jewellery.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from for this collection.
Stine Goya:
The inspiration for the S/S12 comes from the intriguing and imaginative universe that emanated around exhibitions in Paris during the Fin de siècle in the early 1900s. Here to be found were elegant and sculptural hot air balloons floating around the roof at the Grand Palais. It is easy to imagine how it influenced a visitor's idea of what it must be like to envisage the world from the heights of a silent, hovering, colourful balloon. Images such as patterned hot air balloons together with Tim Walker's delicate photographic motifs exhibit a spectacular, magical universe..

DD: The models all wore red wigs, very similar to your own hairstyle, tell me about this connection to the story of the collection.
Stine Goya: Normally we put a lot of force into the surroundings of our shows, but this season it was important to me to show a collection that is the essence of what Stine Goya is about. The idea was to let the audience have a feeling of getting a little bite of Stine Goya. The models were all styled like myself, one could see it as a fun gimmick because I wasn't sure whether I could attend the show. I was due last Friday, the day after the show with my first baby.

DD: How have you grown since your last collection.
Stine Goya: I feel more and more confident with the universe I am working in and I think we gradually become a stronger brand. The teachers at Central St Martins used to say that "you are nothing until you have done ten collections"… I am getting really close by showing my 9th collection last Thursday.

DD: Does CFW give you a good platform for International sales or are you thinking about moving your show abroad one day.

Stine Goya: CFW for us is a good for our sales and press in Denmark, but most of our international sales we get from the Tranoi fair in Paris. We are definately showing abroad in the future but the timing has to be perfect and right. It's important to have a clear plan with a strategy like this so you get the most out of it.