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Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S12: Tabernacle Twins

Vibe Lundemark impressed with colourful outfits, Frida Kahlo hair, black platform boots and bronze ruffles

The Tabernacle Twins show featured a long animated illustration that explained the journey the designer Vibe Lundemark went on to gather inspiration, together with selected music such as 'Hong Kong Garden' by Siouxsie & The Banshees that matched the garments structure and material. The twin theme was present by models walking firmly in pairs alongside pleated Frida Kahlo hair, black platform boots and bronze ruffles.

Dazed Digital: What kind of background do you have in design?
Vibe Lundemark
: I did my MA at Royal College of Art in London - Fashion Womenswear/ Knitwear with graduation 2009. Before that a BA from Denmark at Designskolen Kolding, including an exchange stay at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee.

DD: Where does your inspiration come from for this collection?
Vibe Lundemark
: Tabernacle Twins' design approach begins with the label's muses - The Twins... For each collection they set out on a new adventure where everything can happen... The S/S12  collection is called 'Jack in a Box' and it explores the idea of an unexpected narrative panorama with lots of different characters, summer sorbet colours and hand drawn patterns. All of which 'pops up' like a Jack in a box  - merging into a colourfull and  spectacular little summer's tale full of eternal staircases, accordions and barons riding cannonballs...

DD: Since you re-located to London, does it give you an advantage to be in Copenhagen?
Vibe Lundemark:
I think my design profile is a good mix of a solid danish designapproach and definently has been developed, refined and shaped by my studies and time at RCA in London. All in all, the Tabernacle Twins look expresses both influences.

DD: Tell me about the location and set-up of the show?
Vibe Lundemark:
The show is at the Royal Danish Music Hall which is a very beautiful room with the loveliest amber coloured wood all around. It sets the scene for the S/S12 collection and links to the inspirational influences with accordions and baroque elements. Also there is a symmetrical theme in the room which reflects my use of symmetry in prints etc. The show will start with a short introduction movie which is made from my prints and handdrawn sketches - I hope this will be a good way of introducing my design universe and set the atmosphere of the collection.  

DD: What impact would you like to have on the customers?
Vibe Lundemark: I hope to tell a great little visual summer's tale - with a happy and energetic yet quirky and elegant look..