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Martina Tiefenthaler

Having studied under Bernhard Willhelm at Vienna’s University of the Applied Arts, this 26-year-old design student aims for the idea of a safari woman in modern surroundings, mixing cheap fabrics with luxe ones

Having just finishing her third year at Vienna’s University of the Applied Arts under the regime of Bernhard Willhelm, 26-years-old Martina Tiefenthaler loves to consider and challenge the looks and designs of things she sees and interpret them in her own way.  Starting off with architecture and graphic design, Tiefenthaler then decided to try her luck with fashion quite late but with an outstanding outcome. She plays with different fabrics in her collection and builds it on the idea of a safari woman in a modern surrounding while managing to make even the cheapest fabric look outstanding and special along with clean cuts that could be read as remains of her architecture days.

Dazed Digital: Who has been the greatest influence on your career?
Martina Tiefenthaler:
My family. They gave me and encouraged my visual sensitiveness. They always support me and enable my education. But there are many other influences too. Decisions I make and their consequences, success and the motivation to continue as well as the feeling that everything can be possible. On the other hand of course the mistakes I make and what I learn from them.

DD: What is your collection all about?
Martina Tiefenthaler:
My collection is all about fabrics, cuts and the absence of parts and unneeded details as well as about women and safari. I wanted to work with a wide variety of materials and create every outfit in a different colour and fabric. There is cheap plush next to high quality loden. Dupion, furniture and curtain fabric, leather, wool, lamé and gabardine. For on of the hats I used moss. The accessories play an important role to complete and enforce the idea of using one fabric or colour per outfit. I tried to create a very strong and clear look.

DD: Your looks tend to seem quite Celine or Chloe-influenced? Would you say that these brands have influenced your work? 

Martina Tiefenthaler:
I can see the relation you mean, but would not say that they influenced my work in a direct way. I just like the aesthetic / the style they both work with and the great tailoring in their clothes. Like I said before, I like strong clear looks.

DD: So what then influences your work?

Martina Tiefenthaler: I love to observe people and their habits. The countryside and urban life. Music, nature and design in general. Everything that surprises me. I like weird and abnormal things.

DD: Any plans for the future?

Martina Tiefenthaler:
I do not plan very far. I would like to do an internship, travel to Iceland and I am working on some little projects with friends over the summer.

Text by Alexandra Bondi de Antoni