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Alias at Isle Of Wight Festival

Jeweller Theo Fennell heads out on the open road to find the faces of his new jewellery line, Alias

Jewellery designer Theo Fennell launches his new line called Alias and begins a festival tour to find the faces of the new campaign and last weekend was the first of five live casting sessions. The Alias collection use traditional techniques to make exciting new designs in sterling silver that reflect Fennell’s design heritage. The spirit of Alias is all about personal choice, reinvention and freedom from the bonds of fashion. The vast range of styles and designs appeal to both young and old, no matter your style. Teaming up with Dazed & Confused, the designer will visit five festival spots this summer to find the perfect models and all our picks can be checked out via our special 'Open Road' project section.

First up last weekend was Isle Of Wight Festival. With pop royalty Pulp, rock legends Foo Fighters and stadium stars Kings of Leon headlining, IOW promised to be a great follow-up to last year's sun drenched event. A bit of rain this time around dampened the mood slightly but all in all the festival - and its gorgeous setting and surrounding fresh sea breeze - delivered on all accounts. This was also evident in Alias' casting sessions. An eclectic mix of faces were scouted by Dazed and shot by photographer Alex Sainsbury. We spoke to a few of them to get the lowdown on Isle Of Wight and what their own alias would be if they had a choice...

Dazed Digital: Where are you from, how old you are and what do you do?
Thomas: Thomas, 25, Carpenter, Newquay.

DD: What is you favourite festival moment so far?
Thomas:  Meeting this young man (guy next to him)

DD: Did you not know each other before?
Thomas: Nope.

DD: Wow, you guys are obviously meant to be friends in your matching shiny outfits! How have you been coping with the festival hygiene?
Thomas: I love it, love being dirty.

DD: Festival must have item of clothing?
Thomas: My gold suit.

DD: If you had an alias what would it be?
Thomas: I'd be a milk man.

DD: Are you heading out on the road this summer?
Thomas: Yeah, I’m heading to Glastonbury.


Dazed Digital: Tell us a little but about yourself...  what’s you name, where are you from and what do you do?
Oliver: I’m Oliver from Tunbridge wells, I'm a hair colourist.

DD: What has been your favourite festival moment so far?
Oliver: Last night.

DD: Are you heading out on the road this year for any more summer festivals?
Oliver: Maybe Bestival in September.

DD: If you had an alias what would it be?
Oliver: Bubba High

DD: What is your festival must have item of clothing?
Oliver: Has to be shorts, a pair of shorts.

Dazed Digital: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Camilla: I’m Camilla, 21 I just finished Uni, I just had my last exam the other day.

DD: What are you doing now?
Camilla: Avoiding life! I studied photography in Leicester.

DD: Your festival must have item of clothing?
Camilla: Ummm, accessories!

DD: Will you be here next year?
Camilla: Yeah, I will be here.

DD: If you had an alias what would it be?
Camilla: Misty Bush!


Dazed Digital: Whats you name?

DD: How old are you?
Lewis: 25

DD: Where are you from?

DD: What do you do?
I’m an artist, a characture artist and I’m also a kids entertainer

DD: What has been you favourite part of the festival so far?
So far, Kings Of Leon last night were really really good and I caught the end of Joan Jett.

DD: How have you been coping with hygiene and nutrition?
Ive got hand sanitizer and things ive got my own toilet roll. We’ve got a few sandwiches and things but mainly drinking though not too much eating.

DD: What is your festival must have item of clothing?
Ahh probably my aviators, havingsome shades is very handy because its quite sunny we’re lucky enough with the weather. although to be honest it might actually be my hairspray for my Mohawk, otherwise it still wouldn’t be up.

DD: A word of advice for festival virgins?
Festival virgins, ummm just don’t be too cautious, everyone is kinda friendly and having a good time so have a laugh, talk too and just enjoy yourself really.

DD: If you were to have another alias what would it be?
My mates call me King because my name is Louis like in the Jungle Book and it just sort of stuck so yeah. I've got it on my website as well.

DD: Are you heading out on the road to other festival?
Lewis: Yeah, quite possibility I have a friend who has a spare ticket, so if I can get together some change I might go to another one as well.