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J.Lindeberg: The Documentary and The Dream

We caught up with the Swedish brand's Art Director, Jorgen Ringstand, to talk about their latest look book and future collaborators

J.Lindeberg are more than passionate about fashion. Having successfully combined fashion and sportswear for almost fifteen years, the brand decided two years ago to produce a biannual book for the A/W09 season, giving them a chance to represent the brand's initial ethos, unlimited of commercial aspects. Each season creatives such as photographers, artists, writers, illustrators and stylists have been invited to join Art Director Jorgen Ringstand in defining the season's themes and trends, whilst capturing the spirit of J.Lindeberg. We caught up with Jorgen to find out more about this season's book.

Dazed Digital: What initially made you produce the J Lindeberg Biannual book?
Jorgen Ringstand: To show the inner spirit of the brand, what we are about, what our interests are, what we like and who we like. The obsession to create books with quality has always been a big interest of Stefan Engström, Global Brand Director and myself, Creative Director at R67Kreative.

DD: What are the main inspirations for the book and the collection this season?
Jorgen Ringstand: The inspirations for the book and the collections don’t come hand in hand. The book has its own life. This season we wanted to do things in the book that related to craftsmen, people who are passionate about producing high quality items, or just like to wear them. There is never just a concept for the book, we do put things we like in the book as separate stories and hope that they in some way they will work together.

DD: Who has contributed this season?
Jorgen Ringstand: We always like to have a big group of people that come back to work on the book, like Illustrator Jesper Waldersten and photographers Andreas Sjödin and Adrian Gaut. For this book and also for the next we’ve worked with Olivier Zahm, Julia and Hannes Hetta.

DD: And what are some examples of contributions that you like?
Jorgen Ringstand: The work of Julia and Hannes Hetta came out very good, and Oliviers work is a great concept. I also like the portraits I did with the New York characters, like Martin Greenfield, 80 years old but still in his factory in Brooklyn everyday producing suits for demanding clients.

DD: Any exciting plans for future editions?
Jorgen Ringstand: I would like to work with more British collaborators. Francesca Burns and Paul Wetherell have done work for previous issues and I would love to work with them again. Robbie Spencer and Alisdair McLellan are other great artists, also Boo George.

The book that was launched from J.Lindebergs London Townhouse only last night is now available to view online here, with a limited number of copies also available in store