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General Idea A/W11

Showing at Seoul's Fashion Week this season is Bum Suk Choi's urban line of outdoors wear with colourful parkas in high tech fabrics

Bum Suk Choi's take on Korean fashion is one that is familiar to many Western design consumers. Much like his previous Seoul Fashion Week collection, this one focused on an urban version of outdoorsy clothes. The colourful range added to a sense of modernity in that Choi featured many of his parkas and M65-inspired jackets in hi tech fabrics. Mustard yellow, moss green, midnight blue and bright red all brought a bit of joy to an otherwise grey and wet Seoul.

Also showing in New York these days, Choi has cornered - at least locally - a wearable and distinct look that fuses the neo-modern formality, through coats with evening jacket lapels, with functional outerwear á la hiking boots, backpacks, check shirts and camouflage patterns. Jeans featured heavily and a wide corduroy fabric brought versatility to the collection, while jackets made out of matt and shiny fabrics added energy. Army references popped up through a wide array of M65 jackets, often brilliantly detailed, and quilted or knitted shorts made a surprise Autumn Winter guest appearance. 

Dazed Digital: How would you sum up the collection?
General Idea:
Military meets outdoor mountain wear

DD: Where did the inspiration come from?
General Idea:
My life has changed a lot, I now spending a lot of time on the beach and in the mountains and this collection was inspired by this lifestyle.

DD: In what way?
General Idea:
I found that people mostly wears black, grey and beige and I wanted to inject a bit of colour through by beach and mountaineering looks on the streets of the city.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
General Idea:
The red leather jacket with the Nordic pattern!