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The panel talk delves into the LGBT+ dating questions you might be too afraid to ask, with a line-up featuring Shon Faye, Travis Alabanza, Kai Isaiah Jamal, K Bailey Obazee, Bel Priestley and Pxssy Palace

Dating as a young person can be a bit of a minefield. There’s so much to consider beforehand – what to wear, what to say, how to say it – and that’s before you’ve even taken into account the whole other person sitting across from you who likely has the same worries. On top of all that, dating as a queer person can add yet another layer of complexity to the mix. There’s a whole host of new questions that might come up for LGBT+ people, and it’s difficult to know how to navigate them.

In order to confront these conversations, Dazed has teamed up with Hinge to present Not-So Frequently Asked Questions Live, a series of thought provoking panel talks that celebrate the queer community in all its glory. Launched in the summer of 2022, the NFAQ platform is a queer dating resource that allows LGBT+ daters to delve into the questions they might be too afraid to ask. A whopping eight in ten queer Hinge users say it’s diffucult to find good dating resources, meaning they’re at a disadvantage when finding a connection. To help with this, on October 5, in collaboration with Dazed, the NFAQ platform will come to life at east London’s Shoreditch Studios.

Journalist Amelia Abraham will be kicking off proceedings as the host of ‘Navigating Spaces’, a panel discussion centred on belonging in queer spaces even when you don’t feel “queer enough”. Joining Abraham as panellists are Pxssy Palace’s Nadine Noor, PRIM founder K Bailey Obazee, and Tanya Compass, a youth worker and founder of Exist Loudly. After this, writer Shon Faye will be bringing her signature brand of expertise to ‘Myth-Busting, Journeys of Explorations’, unpacking many kinds of queer self-discovery. On the panel with Faye will be the broadcaster Tatum Swithumbank, model and activist Kai Isaiah Jamal, and journalist Chloe Laws.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the final session of NFAQ Live will deep dive into Dazed audience’s ‘Not-So Frequently Asked Questions’, exploring answers to the most pressing questions submitted anonymously via an audience survey. Writer Jason Okundaye will take on hosting duties, joined by trailblazing artist and writer Travis Alabanza and Heartstopper actor Bel Priestley. Alongside the talks, they’ll also be a Mexican feast served by east London queer kitchen Hungry Dykes, and festivities will be topped off by a party led by Pxssy Palace’s Noor and her curation of hand-picked DJs.

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