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Watch a Winifred from Hocus Pocus make-up tutorial perfect for Halloween

If you want to step up your costume game this Halloween season, learn how to re-create the iconic Winifred look from make-up and SFX artist Xalia

As far as holidays go, Halloween is one of the best for movies. As a result, there are now more characters than ever to get inspired by. An all-time favourite during the Jack Skellington season is Hocus Pocus, the Salem-set Disney movie which follows three witches who get resurrected and proceed to cause havoc and mayhem.

The lead witch, Winifred, played by Bette Midler, is particularly iconic with her chipmunk pout and Queen-of-Hearts hairstyle. In this tutorial for Dazed, make-up and SFX artist and Dazed Beauty Community member Xalia helps you to recreate the classic Halloween look.

Step one is to glue down your eyebrows and then stick on the fake nose using prosthetic adhesive around the edge. Next, get your foundation and colour corrector and paint the fake nose, keep blending so it closely matches your skin tone. Then set the nose with powder.

After applying your foundation and concealer, the next step is to contour wrinkles onto the face. To create depth and make the wrinkles look more realistic, bring the contour further along your cheekbone and blend up and around your eye. Then create subtle spots by flicking your makeup brush.

Next, for eyeshadow, apply a deep shade and blend across the lid. Then, using a finer brush, draw on more wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. Draw wrinkles along the neck and blend them upwards to create a subtle effect. The next step is to grab your red lipstick, and apply over-lining to create a dramatic effect. Then, using a finer brush, paint on thin arched eyebrows and moles.

Finally, attach fake lashes, install fake teeth, and add some white contact lenses You’re officially a witch. Watch the full tutorial below.