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Nour Herbar face oil
Courtesy of the writer

The secret to a sun-kissed glow? Mushroom face oil and fake tan

Dazed’s Nour Ibrahim shares why she loves the Herbar face oil and her trick for giving her complexion a super glowy radiance

This is Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys.


Brand: Herbar
Product: The Face Oil
Price: 75/£65


First off, I love the packaging – it just looks so different from what’s out there and the bottle itself is a beautiful object. I discovered the brand about a month ago, when I was on Instagram and it showed up on someone’s story. I remember thinking that the bottle looked super odd and was wondering what it was. Then I looked at their Instagram and it was love at first sight, I felt very drawn to their aesthetic.

I bought a small bottle because I find it a bit pricey, but they guarantee good ingredients. This face oil is special because it’s full of mushroom extracts which, according to the brand, “work their magic to adapt to your unique imbalances to train and strengthen skin against everyday stresses.” I have been using it for three weeks now and I really like it. I don’t like oils that feel super greasy on my skin but this is fast absorbing and makes my skin feel soothed and radiant.

The way I use the oil is, before going to bed, I mix it with some fake tanning lotion. Using it before bed allows the colour to develop on the skin and I only use a tiny bit otherwise I look super orange and nobody wants that (I made the mistake one day)! I apply the mixture to my skin and the next day I look ALIVE in a world of zombies because my complexion looks super glowy and sun-kissed.

Herbar also sells The Gua-Shroom derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s basically a gua sha that has the shape of a mushroom. I don’t have it but I'd like to add it to my routine, it might make it even better!


If this product was a song it would be... “Moonlight” by Flwr Chyld. That’s what it’s giving.

If I went back in time, the historical figure I would give this product to is... I’d give it to Marie Antoinette, I heard she was using mice piss to bleach her hair. She might enjoy using shrooms for her skin, who knows.

This product’s astrological sign is... It would be an Aries because it looks angry at me.