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Courtesy of Animegvrl

Animegvrl’s AR make-up looks are bringing beauty into the future

Crossing the line between the physical and digital world, Animegvrl’s make-up goes beyond the limitations of conventional beauty ideals

The Dazed Beauty Community is our ever-expanding encyclopaedia of creatives and emerging talent from across the world who are redefining the way we think about beauty. From supermodels to digital artists to make-up prodigies transforming themselves in their bedrooms, these are the beauty influencers of tomorrow who embody everything Dazed Beauty is about. Discover them here.

Ever wondered what the future holds for make-up? Animegvrl’s Instagram feed – a grid of flawless looks that blend painstaking artistry with digital techniques – feels like a pretty good place to start. Her work draws on a rich array of references, from runway collections and tattoo art to music albums, but are held together by her signature style: spiky, delicate brushwork and AR rendering in carefully selected palettes, photographed each time on her unmistakably dewy three-quarter profile. It’s both raw and futuristic, an unsettling combination that gives a glimpse into a new age for beauty.

The Animegvrl Avatar began when her creator was at a low point in her life and feeling a bit lost. “I wanted a version of myself that could achieve anything she wanted to,” she says. It worked: having started as a side project during art school, the Spain-born, Paris-based make-up and AR artist has gone on to earn a 60K-strong fanbase and a slew of collaborations, including Isamaya Beauty.

Crossing the line between the physical and digital realms, Animegvrl’s work increasingly uses new technologies to bring her looks to life beyond the IRL world – most recently a series of AI looks that morph and change on the wearer’s face. The ultimate goal? To change today’s beauty standards. “There are so many limitations with the conventional beauty ideals that I felt the need of pursuing something different,” she says. “I want to take the make-up industry where it’s never been before.” 

Read on for a peek into Animegvrl’s world…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you grew up? 

Animegvrl: I grew up in the south of Spain, lived there most of my life. The truth is that I always felt like I didn’t belong there or anywhere really. I studied Fine Arts and that’s how I started getting into make-up and digital art. I learned subjects like 3D modelling, installation and performance art, classic painting and drawing techniques… but slowly most of my projects turned into make-up related pieces.  

I decided to move to London as soon as I had the chance. I found there that people really appreciated my work and my vision and I finally found the confidence to pursue my craft full-time. I attended a couple of make-up schools in London, Paris and Barcelona and I have been working in the beauty industry ever since. 

What is it you do and why do you do it? 

Animegvrl: Through my work, I explore the world of both traditional and digital make-up. My goal is to challenge the idea of beauty by creating luring yet uncomfortable compositions, and cross the line between the physical and digital world. 

I want to change today’s beauty standards. I want to take the make-up industry where it’s never been before. I’m super interested in combining traditional techniques with AI and new technologies as I am so attracted to the idea of constant change and evolution. I wanted to achieve specific finishes and textures, even a level of detail that would be practically impossible to reach in the real world. 

I do it because I want to be part of the future of beauty.  

How did you get into it? 

Animegvrl: I started to get into make-up full time around my third year of Art School. My teachers didn’t really appreciate it and that made me hesitate about pursuing it full-time. I was at a very low point in my life when I created Animegvrl. I wanted to build an Avatar, a version of myself that could achieve anything she wanted to. And it blew up. That gave me the confidence I was missing in myself and my work. Now I am working with huge brands, magazines and taking part in so many exciting projects, I really couldn't have done it without her.

What’s your earliest beauty-related memory? 

Animegvrl: I was a pretty creative kid growing up. I used to do these kinds of school pageants where we all danced and wore costumes and whatnot. I remember my mom used to do this very specific make-up look on me for these kinds of festivals. Always an excessive amount of peachy blush very concentrated on the cheeks and nose, and some drawn-on freckles. Now up to this day, that’s still my everyday make-up.  

What’s been your career highlight so far? 

Animegvrl: Being aware that my art resonates with the world around me. Knowing that so many great artists and people I had admired for so long have an opinion about my work. Even getting criticised is an accomplishment for me. I guess making an impact in the beauty industry has been my biggest achievement so far but I am constantly evolving. I feel like I will never feel ready because I have such high expectations for myself.  

Which fictional character do you most relate to and why? 

Animegvrl: Akame from the manga Akame Ga Kill! I think her character is so special. She seems like a cold-hearted kid just because she had a pretty rough childhood but you learn later in the manga that she’s just socially awkward. She tends to hide emotions when she’s going through something, but she really cares about her comrades although it may not seem like it most of the time.  

She and her sister Kurome were both sold as assassins to the Empire when they were very young. Akame was in charge of protecting Kurome until they parted ways and it really reminds me of the type of connection my sister and I share. (Even though the ending is very different for them.)  Also they both love food and consume an excessive amount of it just like we do every time we get together.  

What is your favourite beauty look of all time?

Animegvrl: My favourite look of all time is done by Val Garland for Alexander McQueen’s VOSS in 2001. I think it’s just so iconic, beautifully executed in its simplicity and melts perfectly with those hospital headbands. I believe it is the best look that’s ever walked on a runway.

What does beauty mean to you? 

Animegvrl: Beauty is everything and it’s everywhere. Everything that is considered beautiful and everything that it isn’t is beauty to me. I found beauty my whole life where you least expect it to be.  

When do you feel most beautiful? 

Animegvrl: When I’m working on my craft I feel beautiful. Like I am doing what I was put on Earth to do.  

What is the future of beauty? 

Animegvrl: Experimental, in constant change and evolution. 

You have the ability to live in a video game. Which would it be? 

Animegvrl: Dark Souls. It’s my favourite game of all time. I find the lore so complex, all characters are beautifully designed and each of them has such interesting storylines. The whole universe is just magical. I have done many looks and digital art inspired by the Souls-Borne universe. Even the way I do my hair on a daily basis has something to do with it.  

You have to replace part of your body with that of an animal or a mythological creature. What do you go for? 

Animegvrl: I would love to have a mermaid tail just so I can seduce men and drown them down the ocean :) 

You encounter a hostile alien race and sound is their only mechanism for communication. What song would you play to them to inspire them to spare you and the rest of the human race?

Animegvrl: Stolen Dog” from Burial. It always seems to calm me down so it has to work on aliens as well.

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