Makeup artist

Jewel Yang
CommunityJewel Yang creates dreamy ethno-futurist art inspired by her Kam heritage
niohuru climax makeup artist New York
CommunityNiohuru is the make-up chameleon inspired by Chinese royalty
rowi singh makeup artist south asian Indian
CommunityRowi Singh’s beautifully bold looks marry make-up and her Indian heritage
Lisa Michalik grills teeth makeup artist sfx
CommunityLisa Michalik transforms teeth with grotesque and glamorous grills
Charlie Murray
CommunityMake-up artist Charlie Murray isn’t afraid of colouring outside the lines
Wendy Asumadu
CommunityWelcome to Wendy Asumadu’s joyful world of kaleidoscopic colour
madrona red hawk make-up artist instagram Las Vegas
CommunityMadrona Redhawk brings calculated chaos to her surreal beauty looks
Matt Bernstein aka Matt XIV beauty look
CommunityMatt Bernstein’s colourful, confrontational looks spotlight queer issues
CommunityElla Frank Simkins transforms her hands into horror-inspired works of art
Darby Woodlief
CommunityMUA Darby Woodlief creates ‘ugly’ beauty using paint and food scraps
fka twigs m3ll155x album cover matthew stone
SpotlightNaoko Scintu is the celebrity make-up artist who hates contouring
may tahmina akhtar instagram make-up artist
CommunityMay Tahmina Akhtar is the British-Bengali mastering make-up & data science
Anatoly Moscvin
CommunityAnatoly Moscvin is a 17-year-old makeup artist come pole dancer from Russia
Rico Nasty
CommunityFrom mall kiosk to Rico Nasty, Scott Osbourne is making his mark
Bea Sweet
CommunityBea Sweet creates mindblowing beauty looks for the instagram generation
CommunityMariko is the MUA creating delicate beauty looks out of pasta and rocks
Tomasyn Hayes Portrait
CommunityTomasyn Hayes is the MUA leading the next generation of beauty hellraisers
Aryuna Tardis
CommunityMake-up artist Aryuna Tardis wants to enhance her nasal bone
CommunitySalwa Rahman is the Muslim make-up artist finding beauty in her mistakes
Ana Takahashi
CommunityAna Takahashi paints your favourite art-inspired looks on her face
Raisa Flowers
CommunityWhy make-up artist and Fenty model Raisa Flowers is our new muse
CommunityHelen Marie is the MUA serving looks out of arts and crafts materials
Ann-Marie Minter is the self-styled queen of cummy eyelids
CommunityAnn-Marie Minter is the self-styled queen of cummy eyelids
CommunityVlatka Popović recreates miniature masterpieces on her own eyelid