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Julia fox grey hair
Via Edie Parker (Instagram)

Silver Fox: Julia says grey is slay

How to get the look? Embrace your mortality!

The make-up look of 2022 came right at the beginning of the year when Julia Fox debuted her now signature sloppy smokey eye. Not content with just influencing make-up though, the muse and #1 hustler has turned her attention to hair. Last night, Fox turned up to the CFDA Awards with wet-look grey hair. With her still-bleached eyebrows, frosted eyeshadow and chrome jewellery, the overall effect was futuristic – and it turns out she was looking to the future for the concept of the look.

“This is a love letter to getting older,” the 32-year-old said about the grey hair, which was sprayed on rather than a natural shade. “We’re embracing getting older.” It’s a great message, and a much-needed one in an industry that has historically demonised and fearmongered ageing naturally – although maybe one which would have felt more authentic if Fox wasn’t also a spokesperson for Xeomin, a botox alternative. The hair, which she also referred to as “granny glam” was done by Matt Benns, while Julian Stoller was on make-up.

This is not the first time Fox has slayed a coloured hairstyle. For sitting front row at the Diesel show, she wore her hair greasy-wet with denim blues and whites shades courtesy of Ezio Diaferia. And for her recent KNWLS’ campaign the Uncut Jaaaaahms icon wore her hair yellow blonde with an orange balayage.

To get the grey hair look yourself, gel and brush back your hair and then spray it with Kryolan’s Pro Colour Spray in light grey or silver, or the L’Oréal Colorista Spray Grey Hair Colour. Alternatively, you can go full-throttle and commit to grey hair permanently. 

It’s been a while since Alex Brownsell and Sam and Lou Teasdale led the faux grey movement back in 2009 and with Indie Sleaze making its return, maybe the time has come for a revival. If your hair is naturally turning grey then your job is easy! If not then invest in some bleach, some silver or lilac toner and some grey shampoo and conditions. Bleach London has a Fade to Grey kit that has everything you need.

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