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Julia fox tutorial

Watch: Julia Fox’s completely chaotic guide to her signature smokey eye

The muse and #1 hustler has turned beauty guru

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived: #1 hustler and Josh Safdie’s muse in Uncut Jaaahms Julia Fox has finally given the people what they want and shared a tutorial on how to recreate her trademark, infamous dramatic smokey eye.

The look was first created by Pat McGrath, who later went on to bring the look to Versace, and applied by Kanye West, but here it’s all Julia. In a tutorial that is as chaotic and unhinged as you would hope, Fox guides us through how she does her make-up. 

Fox opens with iS Clinical Active Serum which she applies in an absolutely deranged way, haphazardly pipetting it across her face. She then goes in with the iconic Luminous Silk foundation from Armani and a concealer, both of which she applies as if she were giving her face a deep tissue massage. “It really is like painting,” she says. “It’s art. Fuck anyone who says differently.” Following contouring with Westman Atelier, Fox uses a clear gel blush from espressoh which, according to the brand, “reacts with the pH of your skin transforming into a dewy blushing tint.” “I already have rosacea so I don’t go to much with the blush,” Fox shares.

Next up is highlighter from Pat McGrath and brows, which she lightly fills in. Very on-trend, Fox explains that she prefers skinny brows: “They’re just like, hotter”. She then lines her lips with a pale pink liner and adds lip balm over top. “I’m going for a stayhn” she says in her internet-viral drawl. She then, extremely chaotically, puts Charlotte “Tilsberry” highlighter under her eyes and then all over her face.

Then it’s finally time for business: eyes. “What’s really important with the Fox eye,” she explains, “is that you really want to follow the shape of your own brow.” Taking her Pat McGrath palette she then loads up her brush with black eyeshadow and just goes for it. Starting in the outer corner just below her brow, Fox then proceeds to messily apply the shadow to her eyelids before accidentally smearing it across her face while trying to brush off the fallout. Stars – they are just like us. 

After a quick clean-up, she’s back in with the black eyeshadow which is applied all over the lid in a boxy shape and dragged up towards the hairline and into the inner corner. She then declares, “This is a total flop” before going off camera to grab some make-up wipes to tidy up the look. Once she has her basic shape, she goes in with a Pat McGrath black eyeliner to define the edges. Following a quick shoutout to television clairvoyant Tyler Henry (“Tyler, if you’re hearing this, please invite me on your show I have more dead friends than anyone”), Fox moves onto her other eye.

Similar to the first eye, Fox goes in with black eyeshadow sketching the rough shape before cleaning it up with an eyeliner and make-up wipe. Mascara comes next, although not too much as she “gets emotional at award shows”. She then ends by darkening a freckle with her eyeliner. Et voila! The look is complete and she signs off with, “I love it, I think it’s fierce. I don’t give a fuck what the haters say.”

See the full tutorial for yourself below.