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Byredo arca
Courtesy of Byredo

Byredo’s new mascara will give you a face as perfect as Arca’s

Looking for astronomical lashes? Look no further!

Experimental, creative, and proudly individual, Arca is the perfect example of our modern beauty sensibilities. So it seems like a no-brainer that she has been tapped by Byredo – a brand with an equally bold beauty style – for its new campaign.

Astronomical Mascara is the latest addition to the brand’s beauty line-up. Created to give an XXL impact, the mascara is volumising, curling and thickening, and comes in precisely one shade: black. The mascara is entirely vegan and is packaged in a statement neon green version of Byredo’s totemic, ergonomic case.

ICYMI, make-up is officially back and when it comes to eyes, the messier, the smokier, the darker, and the more intense, the better. Think morning-after a big night out in Camden, Indie Sleaze style. Astronomical Mascara has come at the perfect time to help you achieve the drama and je ne sais quoi cool of the look.

To launch the mascara, the brand teamed up with Arca on the campaign lensed by Hugo Comte. The first celebrity face to feature in a Byredo campaign, Arca’s genre-defying creativity, transgressive soundscapes and expansive, self-defining performances made her a natural choice for the brand.   

“We are proud to have collaborated with Arca as we share the same vision and approach to the way we bring our creative visions to life,” says founder Ben Gorham, who launched the beauty range as a reaction against what he saw as the conservative and conventional beauty world. “I wanted to create a sense of freedom in the way we communicate the products. Arca is the zeitgeist, and she represents modernity. We love her, and we love the clarity of Hugo’s images, so we thought they were the perfect combination to create some beautiful portraits together.”