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This viral TikTok oil blotter is an instant face filter

The volcanic stone stick shows make-up wearers’ skin going from shiny to matte in seconds

From eyebag-disappearing creams to ‘Botox in a bottle’, TikTok has been instrumental in making beauty products go viral, causing flash worldwide sell-outs in the process. Currently, our FYPs are a constant rotation of clips of a stick claiming to roll your oiliest blobs of skin into matte, smooth patches – like an instant filter.

A TikTok MUA claiming to be “the queen of oil production” is the latest to test out the hourglass-shaped face tool. “I have seen this everywhere on TikTok,” she says, before trying it out over make-up she’s been wearing for nine hours. “Get the fuck out,” she whispers as the rollerball magically soaks up her shiny spots.

The product she’s using is Revlon’s Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller, which contains an actual volcanic stone to combat shine, and can be used over make-up. “Volcanic stones have little pockets of porous holes to trap oils,” cosmetic chemist Ginger King explained to Allure.

As with any oil-absorbing product, how long the mattifying effect lasts depends on your skin type and how much oil it produces.

There is one small problem, however: the stone is so good at trapping oil that it needs cleaning to prevent build-up. King points out that “even if you can wash it, if it traps oils, it will be harder to clean”. The stone can be washed by twisting the roller’s ring to unlock, before dabbing it with a gentle cleanser, rinsing, and air drying, then locking the stone back in.

As well as to absorb moisture, Revlon says the tool can be used as a “mini facial massage”, telling shoppers to “ditch the jade roller”. So there you have it – all that was missing from our lives was a tiny volcanic stone.

Watch the TikTok demonstration below.


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