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Botox in a bottle
via TikTok @sarahpalmyra

Botox in a bottle: TikTok’s latest anti-aging beauty hack

TextHannah Bertolino

The Ordinary serum mixture is said to work similarly to receiving botox injections

From salt water acne scar treatments to one-minute mullets, and cinnamon oil lip-plumpers – TikTok seems to somehow have a DIY solution for all of our beauty needs. Now, the latest viral beauty hack – named ‘botox in a bottle’ – seems to provide a low-cost solution for fine lines and wrinkles.

Reaching over 12.4 million views on the app so far, the method simply involves mixing up two serums from The Ordinary – the argireline solution 10 per cent (£5.50) and matrixyl 10 per cent (£9.60) – and applying daily. No needles or doctor visits necessary.

According to beauty TikTokker, Sarah Palmyra, the mixture of solutions dissolved creases between her eyebrows, after using it every day for a month. “Let’s address the elephant in the room: have I gotten botox. No!” said Palmyra in a TikTok. “Acetyl hexapeptide-3 (the ingredient in the argireline serum) is a type of peptide that targets the neuromuscular connections to relax the muscles in your face. This is the first peptide of its kind to actually target dynamic wrinkles and prevent them from happening.”

TikTok dermatologist, Dr. Mark Strom, verified the science behind the method in a video. “Argireline inhabits the same protein that botox does, SNAP 25, which allows botox to weaken muscles and dissolve wrinkles,” he said. However, he also stated that the serum may not penetrate the skin deeply enough to see results or sustain long-lasting effects. 

Otherwise, the dermatologist explained that the product is able to combat hyperhidrosis, a.k.a. excess sweating. “Sweat glands are not nearly as deep as muscle is,” he explained. Therefore, while it may not be a verified wrinkle-remover, the topical treatment may work as an alternative deodorant method.

Check out some of the botox in a bottle TikToks below.


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