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Pria Bhamra – AKA BhamBNails
via Instagram (@BhamBNails)

How to achieve next season’s nail trends, according to BhamBNails

From chrome sheens to tattoo appliques, celebrity nail artist gives us the lowdown on the autumnal styles she’s obsessed with

Much like every other medium of beauty, nail trends are constantly changing: from experimental shapes like the divisive duck nails, through to Halloween-appropriate glow-in-the-dark styles.

Less interested in following trends, but rather, leading them is Pria Bhamra – AKA BhamBNails, the celebrity nail artist whose art you’ll have seen on Jorja Smith, MIA, Serena Williams, and Jyoty. 

Impressive, even more so when you consider that the artist is entirely self-taught and built her empire – 100k-strong on Instagram – while simultaneously working full-time office and retail jobs. 

Fast-forward to now and Bhamra is working full-time as a creative, pushing the boundaries of nail art with her eclectic looks jumping from intricate Y2K designs to reimagined classics with a modern twist.

“I love drawing and illustration, so being able to do it every day is just a dream come true,” she says. “I find inspiration in everyday things around me. Living in London and walking down the street helps you to come across things that instantly trigger creative ideas in your mind.” 

If, like us, you’re salivating while scrolling through BhamBNails’ incredible Instagram feed, the good news is that you can get your very own chic talons thanks to her latest project. Collaborating with Browns, the artist will be taking over both Browns East (Oct 28-Nov 6) and Brook Street (Nov 11-20) for a special residency. “As a small business, and usually working from home, it’s such a great opportunity for me, as I now get to meet people coming in from East London and Mayfair that might not be too familiar with me and not have tried out nail art like mine,” the nail artist says. “I’m so excited to bring something a little fun and unique to their offering.”

Ahead of the residency, Bhamra shares her fave upcoming autumnal nail trends with products on how to achieve the looks yourself. Click through the gallery below.