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Bella Hadid
via Instagram (@bellahadid)

Bella Hadid’s ‘brain care’ drink will remedy your serotonin depleted head

Brain goes brrr

For many of us, the pandemic was an assault on our mental health. Relegated to a repetitive cycle of near-identical days, rising anxieties, and plummeting motivation, our brains became smooth creatures, lacking stimulation and the desire to do, well, anything.

Now, Bella Hadid has announced a new venture that claims to remedy this. The supermodel has teamed up with Kin Euphorics, a nonalcoholic adaptogenic drink brand that promotes “braincare as self care”.

“As many of you know, I have suffered from extreme depression and anxiety for most of my teenage and adult life. Since I was 14, I had tried everything to help myself feel better,” Hadid wrote on Instagram. 

“With a life that is constantly pushing a social regime, along with working 13 hour days, every single day, I knew this wasn’t a sustainable life for me,” she added. “So I searched and scoured for anything holistic that would help with my chronic exhaustion, depression, and anxiety.”

The solution? Kin Euphorics. Hadid claims that the drink gives you the “euphoric” feeling of drinking, without the hangover and guilt. Infused with lavendar, vanilla, smoked sea salts, and passionflower, the beverage contains Gaba, a naturally-occurring nootropic chemical that promotes relaxation, as well as Tyrosine, a mood enhancer, and rhodiola rosea, which allegedly induces euphoria and helps with ‘hormone harmony’.

“This is THE drink to make you feel good. Before anything, I was a passionate consumer. It has benefited me for over a year now, with ingredients that help calm our nervous system, add serotonin to our brains, center us, ground us, and energise without the crash!” she said.

“The reason why I am coming on with Kin, is not only to consistently give you new formulas, creatives and products, but to also teach you about brain health and how we can help with the social, personal, physical, and mental pressures we face on a regular basis.”

Check it out for yourself below.