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Bella Hadid frosted tips
via Instagram @bellslibra

Bella Hadid resurrects frosted tips for the summer

The supermodel debuted a twist on the classic 90s hairstyle during a photoshoot

So far this summer, we’ve seen celebrities buzzing off their locks, a revival of the zig-zag parting, and Miley Cyrus ditching her 80s mullet for a fauxhawk ponytail. Now, Bella Hadid seems to have debuted the latest hair trend of the season: frosted tips.

Previously popularised by Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, and the other it-boys of the 90s and noughties, the nostalgic style normally features dark, crew-cut hair, with the ends spiked with platinum dye for a ‘frosted’ effect. 

During last year’s lockdown, the look saw a resurgence by TikTok boys looking for a DIY isolation hairstyle. Now, Bella Hadid has put her own twist on the style. 

In a video posted to Instagram by MUA Erin Parsons, the supermodel can be seen on set wearing glossy make-up with a dark blunt bob and baby bangs – all finished off with blonde-dipped tips styled by Evanie Frausto. Perhaps this could be the new Y2K trend for Gen Z?

Hadid’s short cut, however, seems to have been a wig, as over the weekend, the model turned out a series of looks. In a TikTok of friends pretending to style her hair, Bella showed off a brown bob with chunky copper highlights. 

Later, she posted a series of photos with the return of her orangey two-toned front highlights from last year – this time, however, the E-girl style was a bit more pronounced.

Check out the look below.