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Lorde, Late Night with Seth Meyers
Via YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

Lorde got so drunk day-drinking she needed an IV drip to recover

‘Someone came to my hotel and administered fluids to my corpse’

Last week, Lorde joined talk show host Seth Meyers for the first full musical performance on Late Night since March 2020, performing a live rendition of new track “Stoned at the Nail Salon”. Taking full advantage of the easing of lockdown restrictions, the pair also took part in the revived segment “Day Drinking”, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Over the course of the drinking game, the musician can be seen knocking back drinks inspired by her songs — including “Solar Power” and “Ribs” — and playing “Royals”, a game that involves guessing the name of various royals. If you get it wrong you have to do a shot, obviously.

“I’ve watched this before,” Lorde says at one point in the pre-recorded segment. “Like, who knows, are they drunk? But, like, I’m drunk.”

In fact, Lorde got so drunk that she ended up having to get an IV drip in her hotel room. “I can’t look at an alcoholic drink ever again,” she says, appearing for a more conventional interview on the show, on Thursday night. “It was insane.”

“You did kind of destroy me,” she goes on. “And I had to get a very pop star thing, an IV drip. Someone came to my hotel and administered fluids to my corpse.”

Over the last few years, “hangover cure” services have become increasingly popular (though scientists have previously asserted that there’s basically nothing you can do to avoid that pounding headache). Companies such as Drip Hydration and IV Boost will deliver IV drips containing electrolytes and vitamins straight to your door, provided you’re willing to part with a few hundred dollars or pounds, respectively.

Other companies have started promoting IV drips for a range of other health and wellness purposes — including anti-ageing, hair health, and skin brightening — both at home, and in dedicated stores. Read more on what it’s like to get a vitamin drip treatment here, and watch Lorde drink with Seth Meyers (then relate her subsequent hangover) below.